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Structural Decking System

SPANCO® steel decking sheets panel provides an effective cover width of 960 mm with a rib depth of 51mm.



Effective cover Width
960 mm
51 mm
Base metal Thickness (mm)
Steel Grade (Mpa)
Zinc Coating (g/m2)
Self weight (kg/m2)
Full Cross Sectional Area (mm2/m)
Inertia Moment Ix1 (mm4/m)
Section Modulus Zx1 (mm3/m)

Commercial Highrise Buildings

Power Plant

Industrial Building

Technical Specifications

Decking Sheets are available in 51mm depth profiles in the thickness range of 0.80mm to 2mm.

We supply suitable size of decking sheets with optional features of dimpling, shear connectors and ribs, as per the customer’s specifications, for easy installation and also to avoid any rework at the site.

Advantage of Decking Sheet

Added Advantages

Shear Connection In Composite Beams

Shear Connector Studs are designed to resist shear loadings between the concrete slab and steel beam in composite construction and to tie the concrete slab to the steel beam. Made of steel, the Shear Stud is delivered with a ceramic ferrule to ensure a good connection of the Stud with the beam. The Shear Studs are available in different lengths and diameters and the length of the Stud reduces approximately by 5mm during the welding process. Made of clay, the ferrules can withstand heat shock as well as high temperatures without melting or breaking.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

A Structural Steel Decking System is a type of roofing or flooring system that uses steel decking panels supported by steel joists or beams. The decking panels provide a permanent form for concrete to be poured on, creating a structural slab.

Some of the advantages of using a Structural Steel Decking System include:

  • Lightweight. Eliminates the requirement of concrete slabs.
  • Can be used as a permanent shutter and composite member.
  • The deck doubles up as a working platform during construction.
  • Metal deck can also be used as roofing and cladding sheet in cement, power plants and bulk material handling plants.
  • Reduces overall cost due to quicker construction.

The concrete is poured on a Structural Steel Decking System after the steel decking panels have been installed. The steel decking provides a permanent form for the concrete to be poured on, creating a structural slab.

Yes, a Structural Steel Decking System can be used for both roofing and flooring applications, as it provides a strong and durable platform for the concrete to be poured on.

The steel decking panels are attached to the steel joists or beams using fasteners such as screws or clips.

The warranty offered by Spanco offers a 10 year warranty on their products.

Yes, Structural Steel Decking Systems can be used in seismic-prone areas, as steel has a high degree of ductility and can withstand seismic forces. However, it is important to consult a structural engineer to ensure that the system meets local seismic code requirements.


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