1. Three Way Ridge
  2. Wall Flashing Board
  3. Top Ridge Cover
  4. Top Ridge
  5. Inside Corner Deflector (Plain Rich)
  6. Roof Tile
  7. Diagonal Ridge
  8. End of Ridge
  9. Sealing Eaves Tile
  10. 90*c Gable Flashing Board
  11. Side Cover



Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

ASA Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles are a type of roofing tile made of a plastic material (ASA) that mimics the appearance of traditional clay or concrete Spanish tiles. They are designed to provide the aesthetic appeal of traditional roof tiles while being more lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.

Some of the advantages of using ASA Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles include:

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Load capacity
  • Resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperatures
  • Fire Resistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient and efficient Installation
  • Environmentally friendly

The available colors and finishes for ASA Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles are Brick Red, Spanish Red, Purplish Red, Sky Blue, Dark Green, Dark Grey, White or Customizeable.

ASA Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles are usually installed using a standard roofing technique and are attached to the roof deck using clips or screws. It is important to consult a professional roofing contractor for installation to ensure proper installation and protection of the tiles.

The warranty offered by Spanco is of 10 year warranty on their products.

ASA Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles are designed to withstand high winds and heavy rain, and are not prone to cracking or breaking under normal weather conditions.

Yes, ASA Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles can be used in cold climates as they are resistant to extreme temperatures. However, it is important to consult a roofing professional for specific recommendations and to ensure proper installation to protect against snow and ice buildup.


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